Protective Gloves for All Applications


R.S. Arbeitsschutz GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of protective gloves for all applications. For more than 30 years, we have been offering a large product portfolio of gloves in a wide variety of finishes and grades as well as special editions in appropriate quantities.

Our products comply with the safety requirements for protective gloves for all application areas according to the European standard (EU Council Directive 89/686/EEC).

Deutsche PalliativStiftung

The Deutsche PalliativStiftung offers support for terminally ill and moribund persons as well as their loved ones and families. Since 2010, this foundation has committed itself to offer everyone the opportunity to live their life to the very end: in their familiar environment, surrounded by familiar people, without physical ailments and enjoying all-round care and assistance.

Via various projects, the foundation provides information to the public about hospice and palliative options and wants to sensitise society for topics related to death and dying. In doing this, it provides a point of contact and support for all involved, even providing financial assistance, and offering free information matieral.

R. S. Arbeitsschutz

Since the summer of 2016, R.S. Arbeitsschutz as a company belongs to Deutsche PalliativStiftung.  The entire corporate profit flows as a benefit to Deutsche PalliativStiftung.

Moreover, part of the revenue of each pair of gloves sold supports the work of the Deutsche PalliativKinderStiftung.